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You won’t find bigger flavor at a better price. Explore all nine cigars in our high-quality lineup.

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Regular Product Image


Enjoy the classic blend of bold quality tobacco from our flagship cigar.

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Sweet Original Product Image

Sweet Original

If you want the sweet smooth taste of a job well done, Sweet Original is for you.

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Menthol Product Image


Our super cool and ultra-crisp take on a classic American flavor.

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Menthol Blast Product Image

Menthol Blast

Get ready for an icy blast of super cool menthol flavor.

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Bold Product Image


If you want a cigar that packs a wallop but hits easy on the wallet, grab Talon Bold.

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Vanilla Product Image


Our take on classic Vanilla will leave you with the sweet taste of satisfaction.

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Silver Product Image


Sit back and relax with a less strong cigar without sacrificing flavor.

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Cherry Product Image


Enjoy a rich and robust cherry taste added to the Talon tobacco you know and love.

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Blue Product Image


Bold flavors meet a smooth smoking experience in our newest addition, Talon Blue.

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